Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Services For Greater Vancouver Properties

Landscape Maintenance and Commercial Landscaping Vancouver

Over 25 years’ combined experience providing outstanding landscape design and maintenance to meet your landscaping needs.

Let’s make a lasting impression with your commercial properties in Greater Vancouver with professional landscaping services, knowledgable commercial landscape maintenance, and quality landscape design & expertise.

Your landscaping is the most eye-catching feature on your Vancouver property, and is the most noticeable when left neglected. We get rid of the evidence of west coast weather wear and tear, and help you leave a lasting impression with beautiful landscaping. Trust us as your specialized landscape maintenance company!

With years of experience in landscaping, lawn care and property maintenance, we deliver quality workmanship while using eco-friendly tools and adhering to B.C.L.N.A. standards. Learn more about our landscaping company process.

Perfectly paired with any Greyspace service for Commercial Properties.

Imagine a world where you hire a snow removal team that rolls smoothly into your landscaping team. A team that predicts when winter ends and summer begins, so you don’t have to, removing the headache of managing multiple contractors throughout the year.

This is the Greyspace way! You have the option of customizing your experience with any of our services so your property is maintained by an expert team through every season.

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The Difference In Our Vancouver Landscaping Services

Reliable By Design

Full-Service All-Season

One Provider Simplicity

Dedicated Team & Equipment

Optimization Technology

After decades of reliable snow removal in BC’s most unpredictable weather zone, we expanded to offer the same reliability all seasons and accidentally created a new industry-leading service.

Commercial Landscaping Services In Vancouver

  • lawn mowing
  • moss control
  • aeration
  • power raking/dethatching
  • top dressing
  • re-seeding
  • garden, garden design & installations
  • fertilization
  • certified arborists
  • tree care experts
  • WorkSafeBC hazard tree assessor
  • flower displays & maintenance
  • non-toxic pest control & disease control
  • European chafer control & repair
  • fully insured /wcb / liability insurance
  • consulting services
  • sod laying
  • brush clearing

Caring for people + planet


All of our equipment is
electric powered, from
mowers to leaf blowers,
to reduce our daily
carbon emissions.

Organic, natural,
Locally grown

We believe in BC business
supporting BC business!
Wherever we can, we invest in
locally grown BC plants for all
of our landscaping projects.

Is key

Our goal is to leave every
site spotless and free of
evidence that we were there,
so you can get back to
business as usual.

Our Sustainable Promise

Our sustainable promise is to be a 0-net provider by 2025. We are making strides through the use of electric tools, carbon credits, and investing in a fully electric fleet.

Our Commercial Landscaping FAQ

1. What sets Greyspace’s commercial landscaping services apart in Greater Vancouver?

Greyspace commercial landscaping services stands out for its commitment to excellence and expertise in landscape design and maintenance. With over 25 years of combined experience, we specialize in creating and maintaining stunning landscapes that leave a lasting impression on your commercial properties.

2. What types of commercial landscaping services does Greyspace offer?

Greyspace offers a comprehensive range of commercial landscaping services tailored to meet the needs of properties in Greater Vancouver. Our services include lawn mowing, moss control, aeration, power raking/dethatching, garden design & installations, tree care, flower displays & maintenance, and more. We are your one-stop solution for all your landscaping needs.

3. How does Greyspace ensure reliability and consistency in its landscaping services?

At Greyspace, reliability is built into our DNA. We provide full-service landscaping year-round, ensuring your property looks its best in every season. With our dedicated team and state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver consistent results that exceed expectations, regardless of weather conditions or landscape challenges.

4. Does Greyspace offer environmentally friendly landscaping options?

Yes, Greyspace is committed to sustainability. We use electric-powered equipment, locally grown plants, and organic, natural practices to minimize our environmental footprint. Additionally, we are actively working towards our goal of becoming a 0-net provider by 2025 through initiatives such as investing in a fully electric fleet and utilizing carbon credits.

5. How does Greyspace minimize disruptions to business operations during landscaping projects?

Greyspace understands the importance of minimizing disruptions to your business. Our team works efficiently and cleanly, ensuring minimal interference with your day-to-day operations. We prioritize cleanliness and professionalism, leaving your property spotless and ready for business as usual.

6. How can I request a quote or consultation for my commercial landscaping needs with Greyspace?

Getting started with Greyspace is simple! Call us today to schedule a free consultation and let our knowledgeable team increase the value of your property with expert advice and top-notch landscaping services.