Vancouver Snow Removal, Salt, And Commercial Snow Plowing Services


~ President, Wade Tamblyn

We solved the Commercial Snow Removal problem in Vancouver and turned it into a full-service solution that raised the bar in Commercial Property Maintenance. Remember to call us when you need snow removal services in Vancouver BC, it’s never too early to remove snow!

The Difference In Our Commercial Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, And De-Ice Salting Services

Full-Service, All-Season

Unreliable weather made us think about reliable service differently.

We got our start in snow removal in Vancouver where it snows an average of 10.2 days a year. It’s pretty tough to build a responsive and reliable company on 10 days of business a year so it’s no wonder the #1 complaint of snow removal companies is that they are unreliable.

Our founder understood that you have to be ready to be reliable and, with that in mind, set out to be Vancouver’s most reliable snow removal company by becoming the first all-season full-service commercial property maintenance company with an experienced full-time team and one of Vancouver’s largest privately-owned fleets.

Like the name says, we take care of all of your greyspaces – the spaces you and your patrons don’t notice until they are neglected:

  • Snowy & icy parking lots, stairs, and walkways
  • Worn out parking spot & way-finding lines
  • Cracked curbs & walkways
  • Unkempt landscaping
  • Weathered, chipped, and faded paint
  • Dirt and debris

One Provider Simplicity for Property Owners

All-season full service is what clients wanted all along!

When we started spreading the word about our transition from snow removal to full-service all-season commercial property maintenance, clients and property managers everywhere said, “FINALLY!”

It turns out all the one-stop shop benefits are a huge stress relief!

  • One provider, one number to call, regular communication
  • One simple contract
  • Monthly Reports
  • Transparent Billing
  • A reliable crew & equipment dedicated to your site

Dedicated, Insured Crew & Equipment

We Employ our Crew

We provide careers (not jobs) to the best, and we take care of them so they can take care of you. You’ll notice the difference that a dedicated crew makes to keeping your commercial greyspaces safe, clean, and maintained.

MORE: The Crew | Careers

We Own our Equipment

Greyspace has one of the largest privately-owned fleets of trucks and equipment in the Lower Mainland which means we don’t rely on sub-contractors during busy seasons and you can count on us to show up and get the job done.

MORE: Equipment

Ice Control Optimization Technology

We got our start in snow removal and optimized the most challenging parts of the business with the following technology and we are always improving.

NetSuite and NextService

NetSuite is the world’s largest Cloud-based Business Management Software solution, engineered to streamline mission-critical processes while providing real-time feedback to clients on the services being performed for them by Greyspace Maintenance Inc.

NextService helps service organizations delight their customers with efficient scheduling and dispatch, automated preventive maintenance programs, comprehensive analytics and more.

Site specific Forms and Check Lists help Greyspace Maintenance collect more data from the field that can be used to improve operational efficiency, implement and track compliance with safety or governmental regulations, and send real-time Service Reports to Property Owners and Managers that can include signatures captured on site and photos that verify nearly anything – arrival on site, acceptance of service, completion of a safety form and more.

0° Weather Monitoring

We keep track of the weather so you don’t have to. If the forecast hits 0°, you can be confident we are on our way.

GPS Tracking, Ambient Air & Road Surface Temperature Sensors

Providing accurate records of how many pieces of equipment were on site, how long they were on site for, and the exact temperature during that time.

Computer-Aided Design

We ensure the most optimal parking lot layouts by capturing comprehensive drone footage, then running it through ParkCAD™, a powerful CAD software.

Avalanche Snow Pushers

Our skid steer adapters increase plowing efficiency over 40%, increasing speed, allowing us to clear your lots faster and so you have less time with snow on your lots.

Variable Speed Salters

Our advanced, variable speed salters allow us to achieve savings on salt usage up to 30%, meaning we can reduce costs to ultimately benefit you!

Private Weather Monitoring Services

Available with fixed price annual contracts! We establish a contract with private weather monitoring companies to give site-specific weather forecasts and reports. Inquire for more details.

Premium Calcium Chloride Ice Melt

We use only premium calcium chloride salt, which is less corrosive to pavement and concrete, and melts up to eight times as much ice as traditional sodium rock salts commonly used. Effective as low as -20ºC (compared to rock salt only effective to -6ºC), calcium chloride achieves bare pavement faster than traditional rock salt, reducing the number of applications necessary – saving manpower, equipment, and material costs.

Safe, clean, and maintained greyspaces,


Our Commitment

Our People

We are as good as our people. We provide careers (not jobs) to the best, no matter age, ethnicity, status, or sexual orientation.

Our Commitment to Vancouver Property Owners

Our Planet

We maintain greyspaces and do our part to ensure our planet doesn’t become one. We are proud to be a net-zero carbon emitter.

Your Business

A greyspace is the space you don’t notice until it’s neglected. It is our job is to make sure you never notice the spaces we take care of for you.

Working toward carbon neutrality

In an industry that is notorious for greenhouse gas emissions & environmental waste, we are making concerted steps toward carbon neutrality.

Electric Plug

We are dedicated to having an electric fleet by 2025

Weed Whacker

We are invested in using only electric or non-powered tools